Xufeng Tour-Xi'an Station--Ancient Capital, Shengshi Huazhang

Xufeng Tour-Xi'an Station--Ancient Capital, Shengshi Huazhang

During this five-day and four-night trip to Xi'an, we not only tasted the authentic food, but also appreciated the historical flavor and humanistic style of the ancient capital; every attraction was unforgettable, and every moment was unforgettable.

  • Previously mentioned in the soft, now different industries for the increasing demand for transparent inorganic filler, transparent inorganic filler filler modified plastics, coatings and other industries, in order to meet the physical and chemical properties of the decline in the case of a small amount, but also has a good light transmittance.

  • Test results show that: viscosity comparison, nano-calcium > heavy calcium carbonate > low oil-absorbing activated calcium. 1, generally the finer the powder, the higher the oil-absorbing value, the higher the viscosity, by the nano-calcium particle size between 60-100nm, has an excellent thickening effect, can effectively improve the stability of the fluid; 2, at the same time, as can be seen above, low oil-absorbing active calcium viscosity rate slower than the heavy calcium carbonate, that is, in the same proportion of its viscosity is smaller, and the other by the right figure can be seen in the high proportion of low oil-absorbing active calcium in the addition of a certain amount of shear viscosity effect, similar to the rheological properties of talcum powder, with the production and construction of a friendly features; 3、At the same time, generally with the different additive ratio of the powder filler, the system viscosity will also appear different changes, the follow-up Division I will start a new share for this.

  • In recent years, surface modification is one of the most active and fastest developing technologies in the field of non-metallic mineral powder processing, and it is also an important means to improve its application performance, expand the market and consumption. Therefore, it has received much attention from the non-metallic mineral powder industry and downstream application industries.

  • As a natural mineral with many excellent properties, talc is widely used in coatings and paints. It can improve the quality and performance of substances and reduce the production cost, therefore, talc will be more and more widely used in the manufacture of coatings and paints in the future.

  • Talc at room temperature is a white powder, with a certain degree of smoothness and stability, its density of about 2.7g/cm³, melting point of 1390 ℃, heated to 800 ℃ above the decomposition of magnesium oxides and silica. In addition, the particle size of talcum powder is usually between 1-20 microns, with good dispersibility and plasticization, plays an important role in paper.

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