• 1.Is your company a trading company?

    Our company is one of the production and marketing industry and trade company

  • 2.How stable is the product?Compare product stability with other peers?

    Product stability test is the factory resources,formula design and production process。At present,in these three aspects of our company has a greater advantage

  • 3.what product do you have ?

    Our product are based on talcum powder、calcium carbonate、barium sulfate and talcum powder master

  • 4.what are the advantages of your products?what‘s the quality?

    1.We are a brand-oriented company,For quality and price have strict control mechanisms,we provide professional consulting services to customers,according to customer demand to provide cost-effective product。 2.we have our own mineral sources,import advanced equipment factory,nearly 30 year of powder production experience,has been through ISO uality management and other three systems certification,to join the Adidas global supplier system。

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