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  Quanzhou Xufeng Micro-Powder Materials Co., Ltd. has nearly ten years of development history, is a collection of research, production, sale and service. Based on Liaoning Haicheng Xufeng Powder Factory and Quanzhou Headquarters Marketing Center, we have set up multiple offices in all over the country (including Quanzhou, Fuzhou, Dongguan, Taizhou, Kunshan,Hefei and so on), and set up the import and export department,the customer service center, the research and development of experiment center, to provide sales service for global customers. At present, we mainly sell series of products like talc powder, calcium carbonate (ground calcium carbonate, ultra-fine functional calcium carbonate), natural barium sulfate, inorganic environmental flame retardant(Magnesium hydroxide) and so on, which are widely applied to plastics(modified plastics, engineering plastics and shoes materials etc), coating, paint, ink, wire &cable, paper, ceramic, rubber products, military and aerospace areas.

   Depending on first class technology, management and quality service, Xufeng powder has been awarded the honorary titles of "national top ten suppliers", "enterprise strategic supplier of modified industry", "China modified plastics processing industry association director unit" and so on, it is the excellent service provider and supplier in the domestic powder industry.based on the changes of current market environment,the adjustment and deep reformation of national economic structure, and the transformation and upgrading of traditional industry,we are also making active exploration and product upgrade and iteration, as well as the transformation and optimization of management patterns.taking the advantages of customer chain of high polymer industry, we are committed to planning and building the data platform of the high polymer industry and providing professional solutions for the high polymer industrial chain.in the future, let's witness the miracle of the chemical industry.

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