Application features of chemical-grade talcum powder


Features:Talc has lubricity, anti-stick, flow, fire resistance, acidity, insulation, high melting point, chemical inactivity, masking strength prominent, soft, good gloss, strong adsorption and other excellent physical and chemical properties, because the crystalline structure of talc is layered, So the tendency to split into scales and special lubricity will reduce the insulation of iron trioxide if the content is high.

Application features of chemical-grade talcum powder

Chemical grade talcum powder: for rubber, plastic, paint and other chemical industry as a reinforced modified filler, adding talcum powder can improve the stability of the product shape, tension strength, shear strength, bending modulus, pressure strength, reduce deformation, with high whiteness, particle size uniform dispersion and so on.

talc powder is often used to fill polyropylene。talc powder has flaky structural

features,Therefore, finer-grained talcum powder can be used as a polypropylene tonic filler. In the modification system of polypropylene, adding ultrafine talcum powder can not only improve the rigidity of polypropylene products, surface hardness heat-resistant creep resistance, electrical insulation, dimensional stability, but also improve the impact strength of polypropylene

Adding a small amount of talcum powder to the polypropylene system can also play a nuclear role, improving the crystallizing properties of polypropylene, thus improving the mechanical properties of polypropylene.

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