The importance of Environmental Protection

Recently, Jiangsu Yancheng decided to completely close the sound water chemical park news spread throughout the industry, a number of official news media rushed to report. Recall that since 2016, the environmental protection department has started a storm of environmental inspection, from November 28 to December 11, 2016, Foshan five districts dispatched a total of 11,865 law enforcement personnel to inspect 5,323 enterprises; Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei and surrounding areas to carry out four months of inspection, air pollution prevention and control alone found that more than 7,100 "scatter pollution" enterprises have illegal production problems, accounting for 31.8% of the total number of environmental problems found in the inspection. From a national perspective, the number of enterprises affected by this environmental storm, among them, the chemical industry is the disaster area under this environmental protection storm, the implementation of environmental protection control in many parts of the country "one size fits all", most high-polluting enterprises limited production, emission restrictions, rectification, relocation, closure. Even some enterprises with legal procedures and environmental protection requirements should be shut down and restricted production, resulting in soaring material prices, increasing the operational burden of the real industry。


     So, can a country not have chemical enterprises? Can chemical companies all move abroad? The answer is no! The chemical industry is closely related to our food and clothing from the perspective of people's livelihood: the chemical industry is closely related to our food and clothing, and from an economic point of view: the chemical industry accounted for more than 20% of the country's GDP in 2015, far more than the GDP brought by real estate! Therefore, we should look at the chemical industry rationally, it will have pollution, but most of the past few decades of extensive development in China brought about by the legacy of the problem, with the environment for the economy, but this does not mean that the problem can not be solved, China introduced new environmental protection law and water ten, retreat into the park and other policies, are to find ways to solve the problem step by step.


Environmental protection, energy conservation, emission reduction is the only way for the development of the whole environment, severe environmental protection storm brought more than just harm to enterprises. First, for the whole industry, is conducive to the industry-wide industrial upgrading, promote enterprises to eliminate backward technology and production capacity, to achieve clean production, meet the emission standards; Improvements in existing technologies and the synthesis of multiple processes, improvements to existing processes and equipment, and the production of high value-added products with more economical means.


Division our cpmpany not only in a short period of rectification after the smooth passage of environmental protection department review and acceptance, while vigorously developing mother-grain products, change the downstream customer powder situation, so that customers realize the workshop dust-free pollution at the same time improve production efficiency, reduce production energy consumption.

At present, our conpany mainly push the mother grain products have talc master and calcium carbonate master, the base resin of the mother grain involves POE, PE, EVA, PP (all polyPP, co-concentration PP);

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