• Talc Powder For MD Sole
  • Talc Powder For MD Sole
  • Talc Powder For MD Sole
Talc Powder For MD Sole
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Quanzhou Xufeng Powder Raw Materials Co. Ltd was founded in 2002. Professional research and development production and sales of talcum powder、Calcium carbonate、 Barium sulphate、talcum master batch and other products. The company has the world's most advanced grinding equipment: Air flow shredder, vertical grinder, grading machine, powder sheet machine,Annual output of more than 100,000 tons of talcum powder,Calcium carbonate micro powder more than 100,000 tons,we can provide professional technical services, high-quality after-sales service.

Good liquidity, improve processing performance and efficiency, secondary molding angle is good, clear pattern. Good thermal conductivity greatly shortens the vulcanization time.6150.jpg808A.jpg818.jpg

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2019 International Rubber Exhibition came to a successful conclusion,and xufeng powder carries reputation
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