Hand-In-Hand Xufeng,Happy travel,Xufeng powder 2019 Beijing tour


In order to enrich the amateur cultural life of employees,thanks to their hard work

 in the past year,enhance the feelings and communication between employees,our company organized a four-days(September 6-9th,2019) trip to Beijing together with their families.

Beijing Tiananmen--Chairman Mao Memorial hall--National Museum--The lmperial Palance--King's Palace

Hand-In-Hand Xufeng

7th at 4:30a.m,Everyone gathered on time to go to accept the baptism of the first ray of sunshine in Tiananmen square.The national flag rose with the sun,feeling the

Happy travel

passion of the solemn national anthem,making people feel a kind of inexplicable move.

The lmperial Palance has a unique majesty,shocking beauty but make you feel friendly. in the course of the visit, most of us can only visit outside the palace,can't enter,but I also observed that the palace's doors and windows are very beautiful,it is said that standing on the mountains to see the lmperial,there is no window,in order to prevent assassins to explore the road, so the lmperial Palance's defense is very tight. 

As the saying goes, "one who fails to reach the Great Wall is not a man",Badaling Great Wall is called the essence of the Great Wall, also one of the most representative Ming Great Wall.

Xufeng powder 2019 Beijing tour

Although it is difficult to climb the Great Wall, it does not affect everyone's enthusiasm at all. Under the guide's introduction, we knew that the Badaling Great Wall is the witness of many important events in history, leaving many historical allusions and precious memories for today. only whe you come to the Great Wall can you truly feel the magnificence and beauty of the Great Wall.

Hand-In-Hand Xufeng

After climbing the Great Wall, feeling the wisdom of the historical working people, we came to the Olympic Garden, fully witnessed the power of modern architecture, the oval bird's nest edge smooth, square water cube diamond horn, magnificent warm bird's nest, elegant dream water cube, close to each other, contrast strong, approach ingested them, As if to feel the air filled with the Olympic athletes sweating smell and the audience warm cheers.

Happy travel

Summer Palace-Yuanmingyuan-Tsinghua University - Temple of Heaven Park

Xufeng powder 2019 Beijing tour

On the last day of the tour, visit the Summer Palace, Yuanmingyuan, Tsinghua University and Tiantan Park.

The Summer Palace has mountains and water, there are pavilions, really worthy of the royal garden. The glow of the Summer Palace is enough to make us proud to say: "The Summer Palace, beautiful garden, is ours"! Yes, the Summer Palace is a bright pearl set on the vast land of country and in the hearts of the people.

Tsinghua University is a hundred years old school, the country's top university, its human atmosphere and environment, let us from the bottom of my heart sincerely admire the students who can study in Tsinghua, of course, they certainly also paid more efforts than ordinary people. many people sighed: finally back to my old school, haha,  "I want to go to Tsinghua" should be the dream of many students in the past, although they can't achieve finally, now we hope that Xufeng's second generation children will round the dream of parents.

Through this travel of Beijing capital, we feel the charm of political, cultural and economic center, the beautiful natural scenery. we enjoyed the joy of tourism, feel the warmth and care of the company, increased the team cohesion. after came back everyone said: this carefully organized this tour freed us from busy work, it was real realization of combining work with rest, it is beneficial to our physical and mental health, open up our vision and also fully mobilize our positivity, so that everyone has much fuller mental state in the job to create brilliant.

Hand-In-Hand Xufeng

Service shape the integrity and foundation, Create happiness Xufeng, we have been in action, join us, next year's tour we go together, where to go depend on you.

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